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Are you ready to embark on an exciting journey as a valued member of our team? We are always on the lookout for passionate and driven individuals who can align with our purpose, mission and values.

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Freelance Opportunities at RESAB

At RESAB, we understand the power of collaboration and the value that specialized freelancers bring to our diverse range of projects. Whether it’s in engineering, technology, or project management, we’re always on the lookout for knowledgeable professionals who can offer their unique expertise.

What We Offer

We offer freelancers a chance to engage with a variety of projects, not just in Norway but also in Denmark, Sweden, and Finland. Our collaborations are straightforward and built on mutual respect for each other’s skills and contributions. By joining our freelance network, you can enjoy the independence of working solo with the added benefit of support from our established team.

Working Together

We value the specialized knowledge that freelancers bring to the table and often involve them as Subject Matter Experts on projects that align with their skill set. This partnership can extend beyond individual projects, offering freelancers the possibility of longer-term collaborations with RESAB.

Your Role as a Freelancer

As a RESAB freelancer, you’re not limited to a solo role; you have the opportunity to integrate into a team, bringing your independent expertise to a collaborative setting. This model has proven to be beneficial for our project success and enriching for our freelance partners.

Join Us

If you have expertise in engineering, technology, or management and are interested in joining our network, we invite you to reach out. With RESAB, you can leverage our network and office spaces, allowing for more dynamic and integrated project work.

If you are interested in engaging with RESAB on a freelance basis, please reach out with details of your expertise and experience. For inquiries related to:

Technology projects, please contact Nedzjad Brakic at [email protected]

Engineering projects, please contact Ståle Sagvik at [email protected]

Management Consulting, please contact Remzo Sabic at [email protected]

We look forward to exploring how your skills can complement our dynamic project teams.

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