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The Life Science and Pharmaceutical industry is at the forefront of innovation, bridging the gap between intricate biological processes and cutting-edge technologies. With an ever-evolving regulatory landscape and a relentless pursuit for precision, the sector demands both expertise and finesse. At RESAB, We use our extensive experience in the Life Science industry and our engineering expertise to be a reliable partner you can trust

We offer bespoke solutions that cater to the unique challenges our clients face, ensuring they always stay ahead in their industry. Here’s a snapshot of how we bring our expertise to the table

Facility Design & Validation

Our prowess shines when crafting designs for pharmaceutical manufacturing plants, research labs, and biotechnological spaces. We prioritize industry standards, validating each design for top-tier efficiency and effectiveness.

API & Pharmaceutical Production
We specialize in producing Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API), focusing on processes such as synthesis and fermentation, all complemented by our expertly designed CIP systems and aligned with GMP supply standards. In the broader scope of pharmaceutical production, our expertise extends to setting up facilities for solid bulk as well as sterile aseptic liquid products, skillfully handling everything from granulation to spray drying and more.

Regulatory & Compliance Support

The world of Life Sciences is governed by strict regulations. We guide our clients through every step, from GMP compliance to adherence with international standards like ICH, ensuring each project stays compliant from inception to completion.

Bioprocess Engineering

We are deeply committed to bioprocessing. From the intricate details of cell culture and fermentation to the concluding phases of purification and fill-finish, we accompany you at every juncture.

Equipment Selection & Implementation

Choosing the right machinery can be a game-changer. We’re here to offer insights, guaranteeing a fit that not only meets but enhances your operational framework.


Finished Goods Production

Whether it’s commercial or clinical packaging, our expertise covers a broad spectrum. From blister and container packing to ampoule solutions, we prioritize GMP-compliant processes every time.

Our Expertise
With our engineers’ years of experience in the Life Science sector, our team’s deep-rooted knowledge ensures that we’re not just service providers but also consultants who understand the heartbeat of this industry. Our insights, derived from countless successful projects, position us as the go-to experts for any challenges this sector might present.
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Working Together for Success

The Life Science sector is not just an industry; it’s a dynamic landscape of continuous evolution and advancement. While rapid changes present challenges, they also bring opportunities for innovation and growth.

By choosing to partner with us you’re aligning with a strategic ally who understands the nuances and intricacies of the Life Science world. We’re committed to ensuring your projects not only meet but surpass industry benchmarks.

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