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Compliance and Safety with RESAB

The world of process engineering requires more than just expertise—it demands a deep commitment to the highest standards of Compliance and Safety. With RESAB’s keen focus on CE Marking, Fire Safety, and ATEX, we ensure projects not only meet but exceed regulatory benchmarks, setting the tone for a safer and more reliable industry future.


RESAB has always emphasized the essence of stringent regulations, understanding their critical role in the broader engineering landscape. Our dedication remains undeterred: ensuring the highest levels of safety, efficiency, and reliability.

CE Marking

CE Marking is essential in the European Economic Area, signifying that equipment and production plants adhere to necessary safety and quality measures. At RESAB, our focus goes beyond mere compliance. We offer guidance on structuring your projects efficiently, ensuring that your equipment and production plants not only meet the standards but also benefit from streamlined documentation and faster approval processes. CE Marking is non-negotiable. At RESAB, we specialize in ensuring that every project component aligns with the EU’s stringent safety, health, and environmental protection requirements.

Fire Safety

Recognizing the devastating consequences of overlooking fire hazards, we’ve integrated comprehensive fire safety protocols throughout our project lifecycle. Fire safety is crucial for projects, especially when it involves equipment and production plants. At RESAB, we draft fire strategies that include passive measures like thoughtful plant layouts, proper material use, and fire walls, as well as firefighting equipment and installations. We make sure everything aligns with building rules and relevant regulations.


ATEX guidelines safeguard equipment and workers in explosive atmospheres. At RESAB, we guide projects through the certification process, ensuring alignment with the ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU. Our role includes direct communication with relevant bodies and authorities. We prioritize designing production plants with safety measures that meet essential ATEX standards. By emphasizing these standards early on, we ensure that production plants maintain reliable operations with reinforced safety measures, always keeping worker protection at the forefront.

Our Expertise

With our engineers’ years of experience in the Compliance and Safety sector, our team’s deep-rooted knowledge ensures that we’re not just service providers but also consultants who understand the heartbeat of this industry. Our insights, derived from countless successful projects, position us as the go-to experts for any challenges this sector might present.

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Working Together for Success

Compliance and Safety is vital in the engineering domain. Adhering to them ensures projects are safe, reliable, and in line with established standards. Staying updated and compliant safeguards projects against potential pitfalls and ensures smooth operational continuity.

By choosing to partner with us you’re aligning with a strategic ally who understands the nuances and intricacies of the Compliance and Safety world. We’re committed to ensuring your projects not only meet but surpass industry benchmarks.

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