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The Food & Biotech industry is a fascinating confluence of traditional culinary arts and advanced biotechnological research. With ever-increasing consumer demands, food safety regulations, and the quest for sustainable solutions, this industry requires a blend of tradition and innovation. At RESAB, we provide the expertise and insights that harmonize these two worlds seamlessly. 


We offer bespoke solutions that cater to the unique challenges our clients face, ensuring they always stay ahead in their industry. Here’s a snapshot of how we bring our expertise to the table: 

Hygiene Compliance in Equipment & Design 

Ensuring all equipment and materials used in your processes meet the highest global hygiene standards, we guide you through EHEDG guidelines, EU regulation 1935/2004, and other essential standards. 

Full-Scale Process Design & Engineering

With our extensive hands-on experience, we offer comprehensive engineering designs for food & biotech processing plants, seeing projects through from their inception to commissioning. 

Project Management & Engineering

Adaptable to your project’s needs, we can lead as project managers, integrate as engineering partners within your teams, or deliver specialized individual services. Every step is undertaken with your project’s best interests at mind. 

Dairy Plant Solutions

We deliver engineering solutions to the dairy industry, catering to projects of all sizes and complexities. From operational reviews of current plants to managing diverse facets like powder management, fermentation, and packaging, our involvement ensures efficient execution and optimized capital expenditure. With capabilities spanning from fresh milk processing to advanced treatments and final product packaging.

Brewery & Beverage

Serving breweries, soda plants, and juice factories, we offer specialized engineering expertise across the beverage production spectrum. From managing raw ingredients like sugar and powder to overseeing intricate processes such as fermentation and heat treatment, our comprehensive approach ensures quality at every stage. Armed with a deep understanding of equipment and instrumentation specifics, we stand as your dedicated partner in creating outstanding beverages

Meat Processing & Packaging

Guided by our extensive experience in the meat industry, we deliver tailored engineering solutions that span the entire meat processing chain. From the humane slaughter of animals to advanced deboning techniques, and all the way to the final packaging.

Fish & Seafood

We bring solutions from the initial planning stages right through to operational efficiency. Our expertise encompasses advanced fish handling and processing strategies, logistics to maintain utmost freshness, and high-standard hygiene practices optimized for fish environments. Moreover, we’re adept at guiding the integration of automation and IT systems to match the industry’s requirements.

Bakery, Confectionary & Cereal Production

With expertise in the bakery, confectionery, and cereal sectors, we offer engineering services made for diverse processes—from snacks and candy manufacturing to cereal production. Our advisory extends from the intricacies of powder management and storage to comprehensive process design, risk evaluations, and validation. By leveraging our insights, clients benefit from optimized operational strategies and informed decision-making in component and instrument selections.

New Foods & Biotech Innovations

In the realm of advanced food engineering, we guide the design and optimization of next-generation food products rooted in biotechnology. Tailoring our engineering approach to each project, we assist clients in streamlining production processes, ensuring compliance, and enhancing efficiency, particularly as they navigate the intricacies of sustainable and alternative food innovations.

Our Expertise
With our engineers’ years of experience in the Food & Biotech sector, our team’s deep-rooted knowledge ensures that we’re not just service providers but also consultants who understand the heartbeat of this industry. Our insights, derived from countless successful projects, position us as the go-to experts for any challenges this sector might present.
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Working Together for Success

The Food & Biotech sector is not just an industry; it’s a dynamic landscape of continuous evolution and advancement. While rapid changes present challenges, they also bring opportunities for innovation and growth.

By choosing to partner with us you’re aligning with a strategic ally who understands the nuances and intricacies of the Food & Biotech world. We’re committed to ensuring your projects not only meet but surpass industry benchmarks.

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